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Welcome to Supercharge.
We’re here to charge you up and everyone around you with Unlimited Dog kisses and cuddles

We’re a small part of Therpup, following a bigger than life mission, providing doggo love to everyone in the country.

Nobody needs a reason to play with Dogs, but it’s actually been proven to reduce Blood Pressure, Improve Cardiovascular Health and Releases Endorphins

We get our special duos to your offices, schools or parties and lighten the mood around with endless licks and kisses. We aim to spread love far beyond the horizon.

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We’re supercharging on weekends, we’re supercharging on holidays. We’re supercharging whenever you need it. Choose a date and we’ll confirm your booking!

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Doggy Science!

Read the science behind dog therapy and why it is the biggest blessing that was ever bestowed upon mankind.

all across


Super charge your employees, students and your best friend. Give them therapy they long for and deserve. As they say, 'There is no therapist better than dogs licking your face'. They'll drive your stress away!


Supercharge with Yummy Pre-ordered food and snacks at Therpup, and enjoy them while you're having the time of your life.


Supercharge the energy all around you as our furry family makes their star appearance and allow them to do what they're best at, being adorable. Guarantee to drive away all your Ruff' days - Pun intended


Show a dog a little love, and he'll be your friend for life.
P.S There are 300 words for love in Canine

Charlie - The Bulldozer

Supercharge Pack Leader

This is the most requested furryball at Super charge, A Golden Retriever that makes perfect combination with anyone for an incredibly adorable experience,
(Note: Charlie Smiles when you say Cheese or treats or 'Charlie, you're cute')

Jack The Russell

Tail Chaser

He's the smallest and loudest Therpup. What makes him perfect with? He's terrible at ignoring anyone who calls him and he'll run to you with all his heart. Double-the-better.

Freddy, Candy, Teddy & Eddy

Fluff balls


Mojo - The Classic

Star Model

If Mojo's good at one thing, is he's the most photogenic dog you'll ever meet. Don't let him fool you because he might love you and hug you and kiss you but maybe just because there's a camera around

Lilly - The Shadow


The furriest baby at Therpup. Legend has it that Nobody has seen her eyes in 22 years and although she might fit in your hands, but DO NOT Let their size fool you. You'll run out of treats, but she will never run out of licks and kisses.

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