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Cuddle. Pet. Eat. Repeat.

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We’re loved for our Larger-than-life Burgers, our signature Pastas, our famous tall, dripping desserts and more. Enjoyed over good times with great family and friends. Simple, honest, genuine food.

Never pretentious. Always satisfying.


“Food (5/5) : We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the food here was just excellent. We ordered a couple of Big Mouth Chicken burgers along with a Non-Veg Club Sandwich, veggie delight pizza and a milano pasta (penne). All of this was complimented with strawberry shake and fresh hot coffee. There was no margin of error when it came to taste and freshness of the food.”

Diwakar GandhiZomato Review

“First of all, great job on what you have done with the place guys. Loved it!! Absolutely fantastic!!!!
The place was lively and bustling with energy thanks to our little four legged canine friends!!!

Not to mention, the food was great. The menu isn't big but whatever we ordered definitely was good! We had ice tea, Veg Burgers and garlic bread! Their burgers are big and worth it! The garlic bread just superb!!!”

Vipin VK MenonZomato Review

“This place is near and dear to me. And I owe my first zomato review to this amazing place. I and my room mate usually go for jogging around this area in the morning”

Mamata GujanattiZomato Review

Live, Love, Bite, Bark!